#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 04 - Exploring Chipping Campden, The Cotswold & Harry Potter Studios Tour!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Wheeee this is part 04 of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

Part 01 - London  - Village East, Christmas Markets,  Circus at Winter Wonderland
Part 02 - London - Drugstore beauty hauls, National History Museum
 Part 03 - Road Tripping to The Cotswold, South Central England!

 ★ VLOG Day 04 - Exploring Chipping Campden + Harry Potter Studios Tour!

Woke up bright and early to prepare and have breakfast at the inn because we wanted to spend the morning exploring the charming Chipping Campden, and drive over to Woodstock to check in at our inn for the 2nd night at The Cotswold and then driving to Harry Potter Studios! Weeeee seriously excited for the day!

Went to the inn's bar and although there's no one around, a lovely seat for 2 has already been set up and our morning juice waiting for us! I really liked how quiet it is here in the countryside, like the innkeeper will not disturb you unneccesary, they'll be there when you need them but not in your face standing at a corner and stressing you out or anything.

Huge yummy full english breakfast! I've never had black pudding (that round blob at the left corner) and i didn't like how it taste after the 1st bite, and i was shocked to find out it's made out of pork blood! Phew luckily i didn't eat too much of it! haha

Went to exploring Chipping Campden after nomming!


Ahh, i really miss these english countryside.
We bought a "Chipping Campden treasure trail" thingy which takes about 2.5hours and take you to many of the sights of chipping campden from here but we didn't have time to do it. Awww feels kinda bummed out about it but, next time!

Time to move on with our roadtrip!

I think it was about a 30mins drive to Woodstock (our inn for our 2nd night in the countryside) we wanted to stay there because it's near-ish to Bichester Village, going for some crazy outlet shopping there the next day!

Muahaha bought some of our honeymoon branded loots there for a steal, Leon bought me a pair of gooooorgeous Miu Miu Loafers for $500!

Bought some creamy herb cheese from the cheese store at Chipping Campden, roadtrippin' with some cheese and sweet succulent grapes, we're so spoilt! hahaha

Super love these conference pears from Marks and Spencer! OMG they are the sweetest juiciest pears, It's really "perfectly ripe"!

And look at that! The sun was finally shining brightly for first time during our honeymoon! I think this was the only time we saw the sun out for the entire honeymoon actually, so nice to soak in some sunshine weeeee! I can't imagine living there for long, we've only been there for like 4 days and i'm sick of the gloomy weather of London already. haha

Seriously gorgeous day to be out! Lots of sheeps grazing by the grass patches along the highway too.

Finally reached Woodstock! Stayed at Buttery Inn this time:

This is another really charming little town! Lots of cute shops but we didn't get to explore much because our schedule was quite tight, next time we head to london i'll definitely allocate more time to explore the cotwolds.

Peek of the town from our room:

The room here is MUCH bigger than our inn in Chipping Campden!

The whole time i was like why do i keep seeing this Blenheim Palace mineral water? Even at our inn in Chipping Campden, i only found out that night that Blenheim Palace is actually located right at Woodstock and it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, since we're already here we might as well go take a look right! 

Hehe we had a little window "shortcut" to access to the main building of the inn

The Blenheim Buttery Inn

Ahh, see? The sun is gone again, haha on route to Harry Potter Studio!

My itinierary is slightly messed up because i planned to go to Bicester Village on this day and the next day to Harry Potter Studio's and then drive back to London, that would be a must more smooth journey but the tickets for Harry Potter Studios were sold out on the next day so we had to swap our plans a little, it's alright but poor hubbay gotta drive around quite abit!

Seriously, I don't know how many times i told hubbay that this was the best day of my LIFE hahaha yeah it's even more awesome that our wedding day LOL because of Harry Potter Studio's!

It's like my childhood dream came true. I'm so glad we have the gopro with us, go watch the vlog at the top of this post!! Pictures do no justice to my experience at Harry Potter Studio's!

Ready to enter the Great Hall? I was literally gonna jump out of my skin when we were here and when the theme song came on!! Go watch the vlog! LOL

Christmas at Hogwarts!

Some cool visual illusion sets


And of course i had to try the butterbeer! It's not beer obviously haha I actually cannot remember how it taste like except that it's quite creamy. I drink my daily iced/hot matcha in my butterbeer mug now thou! hahaha

Yeah just doing some light shopping at Diagon Alley, the hubbay is so gonna bring me to the harry potter thingy at orlando next!

Bought a bunch of harry potter merchandise at the store and burned a huge hole in my pocket, hehe an £80 (160sgd) knitted sweater (totally managed to use it's worth during the honeymoon thou, it got really really cold in venice/paris after this), a marauders map and this freaking fabulous pop-up book.

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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